Online platform for art and psychosis

PsychoticArt is an initiative by and for artists with psychosis sensitivity.

The website offers the possibility to present one's own work and to get know that of others.

Besides an online platform for art, PsychoticArt will in the future also create meetings between the different participants, for example to make a joint exhibition.

Art and creativity encourages us to get a grip on life again and to share our own world or get to know that of others. Feel free to take a look at the work of the different artists on our platform. For those who want to stay up to date with our initiatives, there is also our Instagram page.


Want to submit your own work?

Are you a poet, painter, photographer, or musician who would like to share your work with others?

Send us your poem, song, or photo of your artwork and we will make sure that your submission is published on our page.

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